Y1, Y2, X 3 eksen Kontrol Ünitesi – CNC Easy Bend
Arka Dayama – Motorlu & Lineer kızaklı & Ballscrew sistemli Arka Dayama Dilleri – Yüksekliği Ayarlanabilir
Avrupa Tipi Sıkma Sistemi
T kanallı ve Stoplamalı Kayıcılı Ön Kollar
CNC Kontrollü Motorlu Bombeleme (Sadece 6 metre makinalar için)
Özel Tasarım – Dünya Standartlarında Hidrolik Blok ve Valfler
Dünya Standartlarında Elektrik Sistemleri

Sumak Metal serves CNC Bending production in every industries, which need metal sheet, such as Agriculture, Milling, Heavy Vehicle & Automotive, Sehlving, Elevator / Lift, Food Machinery, Industrial Kitchen, Weapon, Landscaping, Parking Land, Souvenir, Ventilation – Heating – Cooling, Pattern / Mould, Electronic Metal Boxes, Street Lighting.

Bükme Makinalarımız ve Özellikleri:

Long life mono block body with high precision, steel construction
Axis calibration with automatic reference at first run
Excellent backrest system integrated with ballscrew miller and linear guides
Long-life, hardened and ground molds capable of precision bending
Fast mold holding system suitable for use with part mold
Precise result in long and deep bending
Safety in CE standards
Precision linear rulers
Designed and manufactured to meet the challange of " Cost down" manufacturing culture
Provides standardly 3 axis Y1 Y2 X and R manually adjustable.

Combination of Performance, Value and Simplicity
Best performance/price ratio CNC press brake of the world
Easy to use CNC controller
Specially designed control unit and software serve you simplicity and lean operations even for inexperienced operators.
Perfect bending results , easy input the angle and operate the machine
Introduction to Durma Press Brakes
Robust construction,Same solid foundation of all Durma Press Brakes
Working with AD-R’s all range easy and comfortable in all respects.Large daylight opening and large space enables the machine to be put to optimum use along its entire working length.
Designed and manufactured to meet the challange of “ Cost down” manufacturing culture
Provides standardly 3 axis Y1 Y2 X and R manually adjustable.

• Rigidly welded, monoblock steel frame for minimum deflection under load
• Ram travel fully supported in low friction pertinax slideways, which are easily adjustable
• Patented hydro-mechanical system for exact parallelism and a high repeat accuracy
• Solid torsion-bar linkage for ram leveling
• Ram stroke control by precision mechanical-stops built into each cylinder and electrically adjusted by push-buttons with a digital position display
• Independent position control of one cylinder-stop to provide fine angle adjustment and/or conical bending possibility
• High stroke and daylight values to accommodate tooling variety
• Pressure switch and gauge to regulate bending tonnage easily and to prevent overbending due to bottoming of tools
• Hydraulic overload protection

• Rigidly welded all-steel frame construction
• Design with “variable-rake” concept
• Adjustment of machine functions with easy-to-use digital control units
• Extra deep (350 mm) side frame throat gaps allowing continuous strip slitting
• Backgauge system with ballscrews
• Backgauge retract function
• Adjustable stroke length to increase number of strokes on shorter cuts
• Compact, low-maintenance European hydraulics
• Hydraulic holddown system
• Hydraulic overload protection
• Centralised manual lubrication system