Sumak Metal Machines Industry and Trade Co., which was founded by Tevfik Sumak,has been maintaining manufacturing CNC laser cutting and also exporting CNC laser cutting materials, milling machines, and spare parts in total 6000 m² closed area at Busan Special Organized Industry in Konya since 2008. By exporting laser cutting metal parts to a lot of country aside from Germany, United Kingdom, France, India, Latvia, so Sumak provides a of contribution to our national economies.

With 1000 tons of production in a year and CE, ISO 9001 certificates; Sumak has expanded its service caliber and has developed its service quality, and also working of metal cutting, and gives to any applications of metals to be one of the leaders of the sector. It keeps up pace with the developing technology on metal cutting and metal shaping applications,realizes the “flawless production – work continuity’’ provides of our principles.

Sumak Metal, which has a sufficiend product stock and a quick responding your questions web for you, and also we respectable customers, is a strong Company as well. Our company that has reached to the last technologinal developmants, has a various product line and is a solution oriented company.