Y1, Y2, X 3 axis Control Unit – CNC Easy Bend
Back Gauge – Motorized & Linear Slide & Ballscrew System Back Gauge Tongues – Height Adjustable European Type Clamping System
Sliding Front Arms with T-slots and Stops
CNC Controlled Motorized Crowning (Only for 6 meter machines)
Special Design – World Class Hydraulic Blocks and Valves
World Class Electrical Systems

Sumak Metal serves CNC Bending production in every industries, which need metal sheet, such as Agriculture, Milling, Heavy Vehicle & Automotive, Sehlving, Elevator / Lift, Food Machinery, Industrial Kitchen, Weapon, Landscaping, Parking Land, Souvenir, Ventilation – Heating – Cooling, Pattern / Mold, Electronic Metal Boxes, Street Lighting.

Our Bending Machines and Features: