Since 2008 of experience specializing in laser cutting, bending industry workers of high quality and reliable products with his name and place in the sector in the country and abroad, always transfer their public institutions and organizations with private sector organizations undertaken against quality and guarantee optimum priced product and continuity is to execute successfully. Sumak Metal, powerful laser-cutting, bending, preserving the structure of the industry to become a worldwide brand with full force to operate without interruption.

The name in the sector of quality production and reliable, in a timely manner to meet the needs of our customers is our first priority. Our company; by providing our employees ' job security, public health and the environment through the use of modern technology, in a case-insensitive manner and develop and grow all the more with the products of complete policy adopted.

• Principles of honesty, quality and discipline in the SUMAK METAL
• In all processes. Meets the customer's needs and expectations in an understanding of exactly how to be a company trusted and sought after,
• Technological developments that belong to the sector and application,
• Quality systems within the framework of the more competent of all employees and people who can use their abilities at the highest level to become of giving importance to team work constantly raising the quality level,
• All employees in quality, frame, and when the moth awareness to business,
• Communication to be in a cooperation based on trust,
• Our company and Turkey's name to serve the purpose more to announce to the world, our present technical, administrative and financial savings abroad,
• The most appropriate, most accurate and most economical solutions by producing the fastest way then to cross in front of impropriety that may arise,
• Each project Started on time, fully compatible with the top level of the project, within the limits of the desired quality and completeness of the budget to complete,
• In our society and respectful to the environment to be an exemplary Liberation
• Continuously improving the volume of Business. The quality policy to contribute to the national economy.